Sonam Kapoor Exposes To Make a Statement

Sonam Kapoor wants to pass a strong message saying "The length of my skirt does not define me it shows your mindset"

Posing on the Femina cover Sonam dressed in Black and White with revealing attire with areas marked as Behenji, Item and Easy wants to pass strong message to all the people who pass humiliating comments on women dress and appearance. Masaba Gupta designed the stunning outfit of Sonam Kapoor

She also takes on ingrained prejudice against women, where women wearing a short dress is considered 'easy', wearing knee length is considered 'item', and the one wearing a long dress is 'behenji'.

She also talks about the traumatizing period in her life when she was molested. It takes lot of courage & strength to stand up and make such confessions. Let’s hope her experiences would give strength to all women who had been in such situations and enable them to fight back.