South Filmmakers Directly Ask For Sexual Favors

Casting couch needs no introduction! Entertainment industry had been suffering with these casting couches, who demand sexual favors in exchange for a role or a big break. Be it Hollywood or Bollywood or Tollywood or Kollywood, these mediators are prevalent during auditions of new and struggling actors and try to exploit them, either mentally or sexually.

Even though most of the actors deny that the ‘casting couch’ is still present, there are still some actors who are voicing out their casting couch stories. Radhika Apte is one such actress who faced these casting couches and recalled some incidents that had happened to her while she was struggling to get offers in film industry.

“In my early days, when I came to Mumbai, I remember some middlemen had asked me to meet them during late nights. I have straight away rejected them. They tried to lure me saying that they will be sending my profile to high profile auditions. But I never met them.”

“Whereas in south Indian film industry, they just make it obvious that they want to sleep with you. One such big actor one day called me on my room phone and tried to get flirtatious and I was rude to him and disconnected the phone straight away. He later fought with me during the entire film shooting showing silly silly reasons” said Radhika Apte