Spyder 2nd Single Disappoints Big Time

The makers of Spyder had released second single “Haali Haali” from Mahesh Babu’s upcoming film “Spyder". Audience who had listened to this song have unanimously gave the feedback saying that the song looks more like a dubbed version of Tamil song than a straight Telugu song. This just shows how Tamil director AR Murugudoss had been pressing hard to satisfy Tamil audience by making this song close to their nativity.

Even though the lyrics had been written by Telugu lyricist Rama Jogayya Sastri, he could not make the song familiar to Telugu audience and has been clearly failed in his attempt to convert the Tamil tune into Telugu song. Most of his lyrics could not gel properly with the tunes in the song and looked odd at many places.

There is neither anything fresh in the tune nor in the lyrics. Harris Jayaraj, who was earlier accused of copying the first single “Boom Boom” from Hollywood’s song 'Baby I'm Worth It' single in the 'Reflection' album, is now again accused by Mahesh Babu fans for delivering bland tune in the name of second single. Fans are now hoping that at least the visuals of these songs would make up for the flaws in tune. Spyder is getting ready for September 27 release and the music will be released in Tamil and Telugu languages separately on September 9 and 10 respectively.