Stop Asking Me About My Marraige

Prabhas, Rana Daggubati and Anushka Shetty reunited yesterday to announce the TV premiere of the film, “Baahubali : The conclusion”. This time even Raveena Tandon and her husband Anil Thadani also joined them in Hyderabad. It is already known that Anil Thadani’s AA Films had distributed “Baahubali : The conclusion” in Bollywood. Prabhas played the role of nice host and made sure that Raveena got to taste mouth-watering Hyderabadi dishes.

After the event, when the press asked Prabhas about his marriage plans as he earlier said that he would get married after completion of “Baahubali: The conclusion”, the actor replied that he still do not have any clue when he will be married as it is not in his hands and he also asked the media personnel to not ask the same question about his marriage again and again.

“I will get married eventually, but I do not know when it going to happen. Its not in my hands, my parents are busy finding the suitable girl for me. Also I am not comfortable answering this question every time because I am basically shy person and it is awkward for me to reveal details about my personal life. When that time comes, I will share the news with everyone” shared prabhas.