Sundeep Kishan About Krishna Vamsi's Anger

Sundeep Kishan, who is getting ready with the release of his upcoming bi-lingual action drama film C/o Surya, spoke candidly about his career in film industry and the problems which he had to face to become an hero in spite of having his uncle Chota K Naidu to watch his back.

“When the Nakshatram trailer was released, I told Krishna Vamsi that I did not like the trailer. He scolded me for sometime. But even after listening to his scoldings, I told him that I still did not like it. In industry, Gemini Kiran is the guy who helped me a lot in my career. He is like father to me. He helped me much more than my uncle Chota K Naidu.”

“Whenever I face any problem, I don’t call Chota mama, I will call Gemini Kiran. He is my biggest support. Three years before, I used to ask lot of questions to the director. But from three years I have stopped asking questions. So if you see my career graph, I got lot of flops during these last three years only. Earlier I used have minimum guarantee films and now after I stopped asking, I am only getting flops” quipped Sundeep Kishan.