Sunil Finally Realised His Mistake

Hero cum comedian, Sunil had finally realized his mistake of ignoring comedian roles. After entertaining Telugu audience with his humorous roles, Hero bug had started itching Sunil and he announced that he is no longer comedian and will only be seen as Hero in the movies. Continuous flops as Hero made him open his eyes and understood that audience are interested in watching him as comedian rather than hero.

'I got the feedback from many well wishers from Tollywood film industry asking me to consider doing the comedian roles as the gap after I left is still present. Earlier I taught that I would be playing the role of comedian in my Hero getup as well, but since it did'nt worked out very well, I am now open to play the role of comedian in other hero films so that I will also be the part of that wave”

"However, I am not saying that from now I will only be comedian, I will also do hero roles as well. I will be concentrating on the both the sides by dividing by call sheets accordingly. I am planning to do two films in a year, which would take 6-8 months and for remaining 4 months, I would be doing the roles of comedian in other hero films” shared Sunil.

As per buzz, Sunil will be making his re-entry as comedian with Trivikram – Jr.NTR movie. It was actually his friend, Trivikram, who had forced Sunil to come back as comedian as he could not see the suffering of Sunil, due to his constant flops. He offered a nice and entertaining role to Sunil in his next film, which Sunil couldn’t refuse. Trivikram, who is busy with the shooting of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s PSPK 25, will be focusing on the Jr.NTR’s film from December onwards.