Sunil Responded To Maruthi's Criticism

Earlier, director Maruthi in an interview revealed that he had initially narrated the story of 'Bhale Bhale Magadivoy' to hero Sunil but the actor had asked him to make lot of changes to which the director did not agree and later moved to Nani.

“I initially narrated 'Bhale Bhale Magadivoy' story to Sunil, he asked me to increase the range of the movie by including action elements similar to “Okkadu” and “Athadu” movies. I got scared hearing to Sunil’s ambitions and left from there. Later, I simplified the story with a nice love story and then approached Nani” shared Director Maruthi.

Sunil finally responded to Maruthi’s comments, “I have come across Maruthi’s statements, I can clearly say that Maruthi told lies. He only narrated a point to me saying that hero has memory loss problem, and while he is travelling in a car, he listens to something and then remembers about heroine, that’s it he didn’t even narrate complete story to me. Why will I ask Maruthi to make a film with me like Okkadu? I just asked whether the movie will be in the lines of SwatiMutyam or Guna.”

“I need to know whether I should go to Kukatpally or Dilsukhnagar right? I asked him to narrate complete story but he did not come to me afterwards. Ask him to show me the proofs that I told him that. I don’t want to counter everyone's statements. If I do that, my followers in Facebook would increase multifold. However, I did not come to industry for that. I came here to act in good characters, people who don’t have any material or matter try to do all such nonsense” replied Sunil.