Thamareddy Bharadwaja's Punch To Pawan

Director cum producer Thammareddy Bharadwaj, who is known for voicing his opinions frankly, had once again vetted out his anger on political entry of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. He criticized Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming Padayatra saying that Pawan will most likely cancel his Padayatra due to security issues.

“Pawan Kalyan can’t understand the problems of people without interacting with them. Even though he said that he would participate in Padayatra, most likely it would be cancelled or halted in between due to the security issues. If it is cancelled what will he do? Go back and read books and understand problems of people? “

“He should not be sacred to mingle with common man; he should be able to control his fans who make him difficult in mingling with people. Popular actors such as NTR and MGR also had a huge fan following, but still they went directly to the people to know their issues. Pawan had to control his fans and party cadre and then plan Padayatra” shared Tammreddy Bharadwaja