The Only Man Who Shut Mahesh Kathi's Mouth

Kathi Mahesh had been torturing audience and Pawan Kalyan fans from past couple of days by spitting venom on Pawan Kalyan and also on all those people who had been supporting Powerstar. He had crossed all the limits and even started harassing actress Poonam Kaur by asking her relationship with Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram Srinivas.

While Television channels are trying to cash in this controversy by inviting Kathi Mahesh to their studio and doing live shows continuously, suddenly this unknown film personality became talk of town and he started acting as if there is no one who can question him for his baseless allegations on top Tollywood film personalities.

With the same overconfidence, he went to another TV channel for giving interview, but the catch here was that the said TV channel also invited another film personality named director Vivek to participate in debate with Kathi Mahesh. The show started with same old stupid allegations by Kathi Mahesh and once he was done with his arguments, director Vivek took the lead and asked Kathi Mahesh a simple question about his mother.

“Mahesh Garu, I need two minutes from you. Can you please describe about your mother for two minutes? Please talk about her for two minutes, I'll then pose my questions to you" asked Vivek.

Stunned by this question, Mahesh Kathi became silent suddenly and replied saying, “I refuse to talk about my mother. I don’t want to talk and I have every right to deny your request”

To which Vivek gave befitting reply saying, “Since you have constitutional right to bring anyone into the news. As a citizen, I have every right to ask about your mother. If you are not talking about your mother, then I will assume that there is something fishy or bad about your mother and that's the reason you are not talking about her history?”

Immediately Kathi Mahesh got up from his chair, removed his collar mic, left it on the desk and walked out from the TV show, saying that 'This is not going well', 'I'm not doing this interview', and left the studio.