Treat RGV Like Shit, If You Need A Role In His Movie

Vivek Oberoi, who made Bollywood debut with the Ram Gopal Varma's super-hit movie “Company” in 2002, revealed how he bagged the lead role in that movie.

“My father was planning to launch me in an Abbas Mustan film. But I always wanted to become an actor on my own, so I told him that I would like to go through my struggle. So I went to RGV sir's office, and told him to give me an audition for the role of Chandu. He did not know (then) that I was Suresh Oberoi's son. I told him my name was Vivek Anand. He told me I look too good for the role, and he wanted to cast someone who looked like a gangster from the slums."

Disspointed with his audition, Vivek requested RGV to give him fifteen days to show the difference. He went and stayed in slums, slept on floors with mice roaming about, and used public toilets. In short, he has done everything a rogue living in the slum would do.

"On the day, I was supposed to meet him, I took out some mud from a plant at his office and applied it on my face. I walked into his room, with a beedi in my mouth - I sat on the chair and kept my legs on his desk, and said, ' Ey yeh thobda kya dekh raha hai'. That convinced him," Vivek said.