Vijay's Reply About Balayya Thigh Slapping

Vijay Devarakonda is not mincing his words in any way. In the recent interview for a channel, when anchor tried to pinch the actor about his dialogues and rude behavior at public events and on his social media posts about thigh slapping, Vijay hit back at the anchor saying that his comment was not on Balakrishna but against TV9, who were showing a program about thigh slapping recently.

“I didn’t say that comment about Balakrishna, I have said this about TV9 who created a program called “Rechagodithey Thodagodutham” after seeing that I was like, when we are advancing so much what is this silly program about thigh slapping and commented about it. And this is your opinion that my comment was on Balakrishna. But your opinion does not matter to me."

"You can go and say whatever you want about me and I know what I said it for. If you say to me that Balayya fans were hurt, get Balayya fans that got hurt with my comment, I want to talk with them. Thigh slapping is not just about Balayya, it came from Rayalasemma culture. You can create controversies by reading between the lines and twisting my statements, its up to you” replied Vijay