Vijay's YMV Trailer Disappoints Big Time

Vijay Devarakonda became a brand in Tollywood after the blockbuster hit of Arjun Reddy. However now it looks like this brand is slowly getting wrecked off due to the actor’s poor selection of scripts. Fans are getting bad feeling after watching the trailer of Vijay Devarakonda’s upcoming film, “Ye Mantram Vesave”.

After the blockbuster hits of Arjun Reddy and Pelli Choopulu, the expectations on Vijay Devarakonda had sky rocketed and his fans are in no mood to settle for anything less, such is the impact created by the Vijay’s earlier movies. When the trailer “Ye Mantram Vesave” was released, his fans were expecting another blockbuster film in his account. However, when they finished watching the trailer, everyone seems to repeat same dialogue, “Emi Trailer Ra Idhi, Madarc**d”.

In this movie, Vijay Devarakonda will be seen in the role of gamer who is addicted to gaming and gadgets, which makes him insensitive and irresponsible. He even treats women as a game and this attitude of him will eventually bring in lot of problems in his personal life. The trailer looks very amateurish and gives you a feeling that you are watching some short film rather than a feature film. Even Vijay Devarakonda’s hairstyling and attire looks very weird. This movie is scheduled to release on 9th March 2018.