We Love To Work With Prabhas, BUT

After the blockbuster hit of Baahubali 2, every gali actress started saying that if given an opportunity they would love to work with Prabhas. However, when the “Saaho” Film producers met the Bollywood actress to cast them in Prabhas next movie, they started quoting outrageous amount that the producers didn’t even look back while running from them.

Baahubali not only helped Prabhas to get universal recognition, but also is giving him nightmares. Because till date the makers are not able to find the heroine for his upcoming movie Saaho. Usually it will be opposite where every actress will be waiting for the call from Prabhas after his successful movie Baahubali 2, but now the exact reverse is happening where the producers are eagerly waiting for actress to say yes.

The producers thought of cashing in Prabhas Baahubali craze by roping a Bollywood heroine in Saaho so that the movie will get nice collections in Bollywood as well. They had initially approached Katrina Kaif, she kept the unit waiting for 6 months and said sorry finally. This had happened before Baahubali 2 release. After the release of Baahubali 2, she was interested but her remuneration sent shivers to the producers.

Not losing hope, the producers next asked Shraddha Kapoor and she demanded Rs 8 crore, which even the Bollywood producers do not pay to this actress. Finally, they had met not so famous Disha Patani, who had earlier worked with Varun Tej in flop movie Loafer, she didn’t even meet the producers saying that she is busy and when they met her at last, she demanded 5 crore rupees that left the producers stumped and they put an end to roping in Bollywood heroine and started looking for south Indian actress now. Well this is the ugly side of Baahubali 2 success.