What Did Pawan Promise To Dil Raju?

Producer Dil Raju, who is known for his Midas touch, always keeps on telling that producing a movie with Pawan Kalyan is his ultimate life ambition. Whenever he meets Pawan Kalyan, he definitely brings this topic in front of him and waits for the Powerstar’s signal.

Recently when he had visited Pawan Kalyan on the sets of PSPK#25, he again brought the topic of producing his film. It is heard that Pawan Kalyan had asked Dil Raju to narrate any interesting line and shocked Dil Raju had requested Pawan Kalyan to give him some time so that he will be ready with a nice story line by the next meeting.

Happy with the Pawan Kalyan's green signal, Dil Raju had asked his team of writers to come up with suitable story for Pawan Kalyan that can entertain both class and mass audiences. The producer want to finalize the story quickly so that he can give the advance and make the movie with Powerstar before the actor takes his plunge into active politics.