What Happened To Your Pandhi, Ravibabu?

Director Ravi Babu, who is known for picking different subjects in his movies, had started a movie with Pig as the main lead on May 2016. The film has newcomers Abhishek and Nabha with the story revolving around a piglet. And Ravi Babu had specially imported the pig from Australia for this movie. The movie is bankrolled by Suresh Babu on Suresh Productions banner.

The director may have got this idea of making the movie on pig after watching Rajamouli’s eega. He would have taught if Rajamouli could make a movie on a fly then why not he make movie with pig?. Soon he had announced the same and also registered the title for this movie as ‘Adugo’ and everyone expected that this movie will be more outstanding film than Eega in our Telugu film history.

But it’s been more than a year since the shooting started but the movie had not yet released in the theaters. His fans are questioning him whether everything is alright between him and his pig? Some say that the director is creating his own animatronics technology in lines with James Cameron’s Avatar and hence the delay. Hope the director would release the movie soon for his eagerly waiting fans.