What Kind Of Strategy Is This Bossu?

What would any director or hero do when their movie had received bad reviews from both audience and critics after it is released into theaters, at the max they would edit the movie with boring scenes and re-release the movie and expect the audience to come back to theater to watch out the edited racier version of the movie or else they would release the fake collection posters in social media just to show that audience still like their boring movie.

However, Tamil director Suseenthiran had followed complete different approach. First, when he came to know about his movie’s bad talk, he edited out heroine Mehreen Kaur Pirzada’s episodes and re-released the edited version to the theaters. But when the audience still didn’t like the movie, he took drastic step of puling the movie completely from the theaters. Now the director is busy modifying the complete movie and shared that he will release the Tamil version of this film after lot of modifications on December 15th.

"Nenjil Thunivirundhal released last Friday (November 10). Due to few unavoidable reasons, we are planning to re-release the film on December 15. I thank everyone who watched the film in theatres, and I also thank people who reviewed the film. So Nenjil Thunivirundhal will not be screened in any theatres from tomorrow (Nov 17). It will release again next month on the 15th. Thank you" said Suseenthiran