What is This Chari?

Sampoornesh Babu, who had made his hero debut with Hrudaya Keleyam in 2014, had revealed that he had been telling lies to people in film industry from past couple of years. In the past, he told people around him that he is an NRI who have lot of money and want to invest in movies. He has now admitted that all those were fabrications and in real he comes from a very poor family in Siddhipet.

'My real name is Narasimhachari. I earlier told the lie that I am NRI, because people do not give chance to me if I say I have talent, hence I need to tell them those lies. Before entering films, I used to work at a jewellery shop in my native place, Siddhipet. I only studied till 10th in mittapally government school.”

“I am still staying in Siddhipet as the expenses are very less in my village compared to Hyderabad. I travel on cycle and bike in Siddhipet to get water, buy vegetables and drop my kids at school”

“During my childhood, I and my friend Malesh used to act in drama in our village and that is when I got attracted to acting. In seventh class when my dad expired, more financial troubles peeped into our family and we started to make beedi. We used to get 1 rupee for every 100 beedi’s shaped with thread”

“After my brother opened the goldsmith shop in our village, situation came to normal and we started to eat 3 times daily. After working for my brother, He encouraged me to open a shop on my own in Siddhipet and then I started earning money for first time in my life”

“I used to think earlier that I need to earn ten rupees per day but now I earn two lakhs per day, so I have seen everything in my life” revealed Sampoo.