What’s Wrong with Actor’s Child Becoming An Actor?

Lately, there has been lot of discussion on “Nepotism”. And the latest star kid to join this debate is Sonakshi Sinha. She feels that there is no “Nepotism” and it with one’s hardwork they get chances in the film industry.

She said, “If a doctor’s child wants to become a doctor, nobody has an issue with it. It’s the same when a lawyer’s child becomes a lawyer, but if an actor’s child wants to become an actor, everyone has a problem with it. I don’t understand that,”  

“Even if you are born in a film family, what is the maximum that you will get... a first meeting or a first film? Beyond that it is your talent, hard work and perseverance that will take you forward. If people fail to see that in you, nobody will give you work,” Sonakshi.

Critics are of opinion that “Doctors kids do not instantly become doctors overnight, they need study the medicine course for 8 long years and complete MBBS, MD, MS and Specializations to start a career of doctor, but these star kids get film chance with just a phone call from their parents, which is unfair.

Kangana Ranaut started this viral debate when she called filmmaker Karan Johar the “flag bearer of nepotism” in Bollywood. Saying that big shots in film industry always support star kids, whereas outsiders with lot of talent are not able to survive in the film industry because of such discrimination.