Why NTR Kicked Venu Madhav?

Venu Madhav used to work as telephone operator in Himayathnagar Telugu Desam party office in 1994, where his primary job was to receive phone calls and transfer the call to the incharge. There venumadhav began to use the landline for his personal use, so his duty was changed from party office to night duty at NTR’s home

“One day, NTR asked me to arrange a press meet at 7:00 AM; I got up at 2:30 AM and informed all the TV channels about the same. When the press meet was about to begin, NTR came into the room and said “Press Meet is Cancelled”. After all the press people left the office, NTR asked to call the person who was in night duty. When I went inside, he asked me why the bulb is switched on at 7:00 AM?. I told that when I got up at 2:30 AM, I switched on that light and later I forget to switch it off.  He asked me to turn back and kicked me” recalled Venu Madhav.