Will Nagarjuna’s Forecast Become True?

During the audio launch event of Akkineni Akhil’s second film 'Hello', Akkineni Nagarjuna went on with the praises on his son Akhil and assured everyone that Akhil’s relaunch film “Hello” will turn out to be biggest hit and will become first super hit in his son’s career.

"After Akhil’s first film didn’t do well, I thought a lot about how his next movie should be. I wanted to relaunch Akhil properly this time and give him a nice hit as I did for Naga Chaitanya's Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam. When “Hello” was started, I said this is going to be the relaunch of Akhil and promised him that I would give him a big success. Director Vikram Kumar's Manam script bid goodbye to my father in a memorable way and now Vikram had once again given us another great script for Akhil too.”

“This time, I am very clear in my mind about how to present Akhil. Even though, we had a lot of disagreements about the film while making it, but it was always about how do we make it even better. Vikram is very open-minded director and if your ideas are going to help the film, he doesn’t have any ego in that sense and accepts all those suggestions. Fans will now see Akhil in the same way they had been eagerly waiting to see him and I am pretty confident on this film’s success." shared Nagarjuna