Will Pawan Again Bring Much Needed Luck?

In film industry, fate of every actor changes every Friday. You can never feel secure in an industry where success is always short-lived. Nithiin, who had been going on a successful path after the blockbuster hit of his earlier film “A.Aa”, suddenly pulled back to ground after the flop of his recently released film “Lie”.  

The actor is now focusing more on his next untitled movie that is being produced by Trivikram and Pawan Kalyan. Lyricist turned director Krishna Chaitanya of “Rowdy Fellow” fame is directing this movie. The names of Trivikram and Pawan Kalyan would definitely interest buyers but once the movie hits the theaters, the fate of the film lies in the hands of the audience.

“Lie” fame Megha Akash is again teaming up with Nithiin, as a part of two-film deal she had signed earlier. Nithin, a die-hard Pawan Kalyan fan, always talks about the support Pawan Kalyan had given him when entire industry had shut down the doors on Nithiins' face. Can Pawan Kalyan’s luck again favor Nithiin, when he strongly needs a solid hit? Let wait and watch.