Will Prabhas Do That To See Happiness In his Baava’s Eyes?

Tollywood actor, Mohan Babu joined the list of people who had been mesmerized with epic film “Baahubali: The Conclusion”. He congratulated Baahubali Team and Prabhas for the super success of their film.

“In the Earlier Days, Kings Used to rule the Country, Now Prabhas Raju had proved that “Raju” (Prabhas Caste Kshatriya aka Raju) is ruling the entire World. My Happiness has no bounds; I feel that you will have blessings of your late father, wherever he is. Hope your mother is also very happy with your tremendous success. I expect you to get married this year and fulfil the wish of your mother and your Baava (Mohan Babu)” shared Mohan Babu

Mohan Babu and Prabhas share a unique relationship that does not go by their age. Even though both have an age difference of 30 years, they both address each other as Baava. They developed a strong bond while working for the film “Bujjigadu” and their association had been continuing since then. Hope Prabhas gets married this year to see the happiness in the eyes of his Baava.