Will This Boring Getup Bring Hit To Rohit?

Nara Rohit and Police Getup have some close bonding. He was seen as Police officer in four movies till date. Even in his upcoming film “Samanthakamani”, he will be seen as police inspector Ranjith Kumar, who is cranky officer with severe mood deviations. This is the fifth time he will be seen as Police Officer

His love for police officer getup started with his debut film ‘Baanam’ and from then on it continued in his other movies such as ‘Rowdy Fellow’, ‘Asura’, ‘Appatlo Okadundevadu’ and currently in "Samanthakamani".

While other heros are busy not getting type casted with the same roles, Rohit on the other hand is doing same characters again and again. Even though he may cover this by saying that he is doing this because he liked the character and story, he should be careful that the audience may soon get bored watching him in same character and may presume that he can’t act in other roles.