AnandoBrahma Review : Shakalaka's Show

Film: Anando Brahma

Rating: 3/5

Director: Mahi V Raghav

Cast:  Tapasee Pannu, Shakalaka Shankar, Venela Kishore,

Producer: Vijay Chilla, Shashi Devireddy

Release Date: August 18, 2017 

Taapsee Pannu, who left Tollywood after the disaster result of 2013 film “Sahasam”, is now getting re-launched in Tollywood with horror comedy film “Anando Brahma”. In this movie she will be seen as a ghost who is scared of humans. Lets find out what is the reason behind her ghost appearance.


Ramu (Rajiv Kanakala), an NRI from Malaysia, puts up his ancestral home in Hyderabad for sale after his parents die in Uttarakhand floods. He takes help from corrupt police friend Vamsi (Raja Ravindra), who eyes to buy that property at cheap price by spreading a rumor saying that the house haunted by ghosts.

Unable to sell the house because of ghost rumors, Ramu finally agrees to bartender Siddhu's (Srinivas Reddy) proposal of giving him 20% commission in return of proving that Ramu's house does not have any ghosts. Siddhu selects three other people (Vennela kishore, Shakalaka shankar, Tagubothu Ramesh) who are in need of money and all four of them decide to stay in that haunted house for three days.

Is the house really haunted by the ghosts? Are the ghosts real or fake? What will these four people find out after staying in that haunted house? Is what the remaining story is about

What’s Good:

Second Half

Comedy Scenes

Shakalaka Shankar’s Performance

What’s Bad:

First Half



Anando Brahma has interesting premise of ghosts getting scared by people. Leena (Taapsee) along with her small sister Deepa, grandfather (Vijay Kumar) and servant Anji (Raghu Karumanchi) live as ghosts in the ancestral home of Ramu (Rajiv Kanakala). They all want to stay in the house till they meet another person. Even though Taapsee was shown as lead character in all promos and publicity material, her role is limited in both first and second half of the film.


Director Mahi V Raghav had started the movie with interesting scenes that makes audience glued to their seats. However he could not hold that momentum for long enough because of which the story drags till interval with boring scenes. Later the director tried to correct his shortcomings in second half with humorous scenes between the comedians that brings back the laugh in audience face.


Although comedy in second half was good, the climax again removes the feel good touch created by earlier sequences due to unconvincing flashback scenes. All the four comedians tried to evoke laughter with their funny stories and mannerisms. Shakalaka Shankar excelled in the role of a barber, who has strong itch to become actor. He completely took over the movie in second half with his rib-tickling comedy and dominated all other comedians. His spoofs on Pawan Kalyan, NTR, Chiranjeevi, RGV and Ramdev Baba's dance are entertaining.


Srinivas reddy played the role of bartender, who have a hole in his heart and can die even with simple sneezing or coughing. Tagubothu Ramesh stayed true to his name by playing the character of alcoholic guy named Thulasi, who lost his money saved for his son's operation. Vennela Kishore played the character of an ATM security guard, who lost money from ATM because of his night blindness and deaf. Rajiv Kanakala played the role of sadistic son, who set his entire family on fire for the sake of property.


Cinematography by Anish Tharun Kumar is good. Music by K could captivate the ghostly presence in required scenes with scary new sounds. Editor Shravan should have spent more time in scissoring first half. Inspite of making this film is shoe string budget, the presentation is very good and the superb performances of the characters will make you forget about the shortcomings.


Result: Shakalaka's Show