Baahubali 2 Review : Saahore Rajamouli

Film: Baahubali - The Conclusion
Rating: 4/5
Director: S S Rajamouli
Cast: Prabhas, Rana, Anushka Shetty, Tamannah
Producer: Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni
Release Date: Apr 28, 2017


The most-awaited movie of the year, “Baahubali: The Conclusion”, released today. This is the film that was promoted from ‘Pride of Telugu Cinema’ to ‘Pride of Indian Cinema’. Did Rajamouli, who holds the unbelievable track record of super hits in his career, once again display his Maestro prowess of storytelling with this film? Did Baahubali 2 match up to the brand that it had created and live up to the ginormous expectations? Let’s find out.


Movie starts with Sivagami's voice requesting god that she is ready to sacrifice herself but Mahendra Baahubali should live for his mother and for Mahishmati kingdom while “Oka Pranam” song starts with Baahubali part 1 visuals and title cards in the background.

As per the age old tradition, once in every 26 years there comes a festival called Rakshasa Dahana. In order for the kingdom to prosper, the Daughter in law (Sivagami) is supposed to walk to the Maheswarudu temple which is 31 days away from Mahishmati kingdom. When she is on her way to temple, an angry elephant rages toward Sivagami that is intercepted by Amarendra Baahubali (Prabhas) by pushing a massive chariot that makes the introduction of Amarendra.

Amarendra Baahubali is declared as the king of Mahishmati. Before the swearing ceremony, Rajamata Sivagami (Ramya Krishna) asks Amarendra Baahubali (Prabhas) and Kattappa to go on Desha Yatana and understand the problems of the people.

When he visits small kingdom Kuntala rajyam, he comes across princess Devasena (Anushka) and falls in love with her. Bhallaladeva comes to know about Amarendra Baahubali's love story and misguides Rajamata Sivagami and takes her promise to marry Bhalla with Devasena. This creates rift between Amarendra Baahubali and Rajamata Shivagami and she announces Bhallaladeva (Rana) as the king and Amarendra Baahubali as army chief.

Soon the popularity of Amarendra Baahubali keeps on increasing in the kingdom which does not go well with  Bhallaladeva and his father Bijjaladeva. They both come up with a plan and make Rajamata Sivagami to order Kattapa to kill Amarendra Baahubali, which ends the flashback.

Coming to the present time, How Mahendra Baahubali takes vengeance for death of his father Amarendra Baahubali and grandmother Sivagami and brings things to peace forms the rest of the story.

What’s Good:

Hero Introduction scenes

Gripping Narration

Songs picturization

Action sequences

Interval Block

What’s Bad:

Predictable Screenplay

Poor Graphics at some places

Running Time



“Baahubali”, which had left many threads open in its first part leaving audience in Catch-22 situation with an abrupt ending, gives answers to all those questions after a long wait of two years in this part and delivers what is promises. There are many scenes in this film that can be compared to finest Hollywood movies. With this film Rajamouli had not only raised the bar of Indian cinema but also showed to the world what an Indian director could deliver within 1/10th budget of top Hollywood movie.

The story is neither creative nor out of the box, it is a simple revenge plot of good winning over evil but it had been packaged with some incredible display of visuals and screenplay. Rajamouli made this normal story into epic movie by extracting the best output from his actors and technicians. Eventhough it appears simple to say this but very rarely has any Indian film director succeeded to achieve this feat after spending such a long time on one single story.

Baahubali 2 is not perfect film either. Actually, there are a few faults, which may not be blunders but do stand out. For example, Why Devasena falls for a Baahubali is not presented convincingly, Cinematic liberties taken by Mahendra Baahubali in fighting techniques at climax, some unlaughable comedy scenes, Old Devasena makeup is not consistent in Part 1 and Part 2 and also the movie struggles with underdeveloped characters and lag in  scenes and lengthy climax.The film’s duration could be an issue for those not high on patience. In addition, the movie gives you the ‘been-there-seen-that’ feeling during some of the scenes.

Ramya Krishnan in her significant role as Rajamata Sivagami is spotless. Anushka had got another meaty role in this part to showcase her performance. Tamannaah does not have much to play in this part. Prabhas and Rana Daggubati are outstanding. They hugely contribute to making this routine good vs bad film a visual extravaganza.

Result: Saahore Rajamouli