Babu Baga Busy Review : Avasarama Avasarala?

Film: Babu Baga Busy
Rating: 1/5
Director: Naveen Medaram
Cast: Avasarala Srinivas, Sreemukhi, Tejaswi
Producer: Abhishek Pictures
Release Date: May 05, 2017


Adult comedy film, Babu Baga Busy, which is official remake of 2015 Bollywood hit film Hunterrr, finally hits the theaters today after a long wait. Director Srinivas Avasarala is playing a lead role in this film and Tejaswi Madiwada and Sreemukhi in important roles. This movie has generated enough noise among audience with its trailer. Let's see how this film has fared.


Madhav (Srinivas Avasarala), a sex addict, finally decides to settle down after having lot of affairs in his life. He meets Radha (Mishti Chakraborty) and is smitten by her; he tries his best to impress her by projecting him as a good man. However, his past affairs and his controversial history keeps getting back to his current life and haunts him.

Surprisingly, Radha also have twisted relationships in the past and that tries to interfere with her current relationship with Madhav. Rest of the story is about how they both reveal their shady background to each other and clear all the problems.

What’s Good:

Comedy track in some scenes

What’s Bad:

Srinivasa Avasarala as Madhav
Uneven Screenplay


First things first, Casting is the main blunder in this film. Secondly, the main plot that had made this movie super hit in Bollywood was completely lost in translation. Finally, the way the story unfolds was presented in unexciting manner.

Director Naveen, who got a good opportunity to remake the proven story, had burnt his hands with this script. If he would have spent more time in covering the above three mistakes, this movie would have been more popular than Maruthi’s “Ee Rojullo”. When you are remaking a hit movie, you should not mess up the USP that made the film super hit, but the director had exactly done the same in this film.

First half tests your patience with uninteresting screenplay whereas emotional scenes and sentiment around friendship in Second half was ruined with flat narration. Srinivas Avasarala tried his best but could not convince with the character Madhav. The way Gulshan Devaiah (Hunterr Hero) performed by showing variations in different phases of the life of sex addict was completely missing here. Tejaswi Madivada as Paru Menon had nothing much to showcase in this film. Most talked Sreemukhi’s cameo does not have any impact in this movie and disappears in a blink of eye. Priyadarshi had evoked some laughter in this otherwise dull movie. Adarsh Balakrishna is fine in his supporting role.

In Summary, if you want to watch this film, just go and watch the film trailer and forget about this. If you still want to watch this film then go watch "Hunterrr" movie and satisfy your appetite.

Result: Avasarama Avasarala?