Darshakudu Review : Directionless Movie

Film: Darshakudu

Rating: 2/5

Director: Jakka Hariprasad

Cast: Ashok Bandreddi, Eesha Rebba

Producer: BNCSP Vijaya Kumar

Release Date: August 04, 2017 

Director Sukumar had spent lot of time and effort to launch his nephew Ashok Bandreddi as an actor. He also tried to give break to his lecturer friend Jakka Hariprasad by making him the director for this film “Darshakudu”. Was Sukumar successful in achieving his both the goals? Let’s find out.


Mahesh (Ashok), a clap boy in Hyderabad, have dreams to become a film director. He narrates a story to a producer, who agrees to do a film with him only if he can improvise the love track of the lead pair in next 15 days. Mahesh meets costume designer Namrata (Eesha Rebba) while coming back from his village and spends time with her.

Mahesh uses Namrata to create more interesting love track in his story by recording everything that happens between them; soon Namrata comes to know about his intentions and starts hating him. How will Mahesh balance both his film dreams and Namrata? Is what the rest of the story is about.

What’s Good:

Eesha Rebba


What’s Bad:







Sukumar had created his own production house “Sukumar Writings” to bring new talent into the industry. His first film “Kumari 21F” stayed loyal to his intentions and received a thumbs-up from audience. However, his second film ‘Darshakudu’ did neither introduce any new talent to the industry nor delivered good movie

Even though trailers created enough buzz among the audience, once you enter the theater you will be feel disconnected with illogical sequences which had bene portrayed by the characters in the film. The characters deviate from their path as and when they wish and the inexperience in acting and direction is visible clearly on the screen

Debutante actor Ashok could neither act nor impress with his performance. He was completely misfit for this role. Inspite of getting good launchpad and publicity by Sukumar, Ashok could not make use of this golden break bestowed upon him. He should have focussed more on improving his acting skills before signing this film. Eesha Rebba on the other hand tried to balance the shortcomings of Ashok with her good performance in the role of costume designer. Music and BGM by Sai Karthik does not add any impact to the story. Cinematographer Praveen Anumolu tried to bring value for the money spent on this film by his effective camera work.

Director Jakka Hariprasad wholly failed in portraying the selfish love story of an aspiring director convincingly. Although he had nice premise on his paper, he could not develop that into proper story using the resources in his hand. The slow pace in which movie crawls kills the spirit of the story. In Summary, this “Darshakudu’” is directionless lame attempt from an amateur director and “Sukumar Writings” factory.

Result: Directionless story