Fidaa Review : A Good Bad Story

Film: Fidaa

Rating: 3/5

Director: Shekhar Kammula

Cast: Varun Tej, Raja Chembolu, Sai Pallavi

Producer: Dil Raju

Release Date: July 21, 2017 

Varun Tej is struggling hard to get a good hit in his career. Out of the four films he made till date, only one movie “Kanche” managed to get a decent talk and rest three films bombed at box office. Even Sekhar Kammula need a hit film badly in his career as his last couple of films disappointed everyone. Let’s find out whether lady luck smiled on these two with “Fidaa”  


Varun (Varun Tej), an NRI doctor, comes to India for his brother’s (Raja) match making. His brother decides to marry Bhanumati’s (Sai Pallavi) sister Renuka from Sirnapalli village. After spending time together, both Varun and Bhanumati like each other. However, they both have different plans of settling down in life that leads to misunderstanding between them.

Varun leaves to USA after his brother’s marriage and has dreams of making it big there, on the other hand Bhanumathi loves to stay in her village along with her father (Sai Chand). Meanwhile, Harsha Vardhan falls in love with Bhanumati at the first sight and asks her for marriage.

Varun’s love for Bhanumathi keep on haunting him with her memories and he tries to get in touch with her but Bhanumati tries to avoid Varun and accepts Harsha Vardhan's marriage proposal. Will Varun come back to India for Bhanumati, leaving his ambitions? How will Varun make Bhanumati understand his love? Who will marry Bhanumathi finally? Forms the rest of the story

What’s Good:

First half

Sai Pallavi’s Performance


What’s Bad:

Slow narration



“Premam’ girl, Sai Pallavi is the revelation in this movie. Her natural performance in the character of Telangana village girl, Bhanumati had brought life into the story. Varun Tej had tried his best to give a classy performance in the role of NRI but Sai Pallavi had completely overshadowed him with her performance. It's high time that Varun should focus on his weight and get back to proper shape, as he looks quite heavy in some scenes.

First half is entertaining with breezy story and feel good factor; it starts with Varun's brother coming to india to have a look at Bhanumati’s (Sai Pallavi) sister Renuka after liking her profile in matrimony website. He later asks Varun also to come back to India to take his opinion, Varun meets Bhanumati there for first time. Even though both start off on the wrong foot, eventually they like each other after spending some time.

However, the second half of the film fails to keep up with the standard set by first half because of its predictability and dull narration. Sekhar Kammula, who did a wonderful job in presenting first half, had done exact opposite with second half. Shakthikanth Karthick music and BGM had given a feel good factor to the story and cinematography by Vijay C.Kumar showcased both America and village atmosphere grandly on the screen.

In Summary, Fidaa is a simple story of separated lovers uniting again in the name of love. The movie not only has some good and entertaining moments with beautiful songs but also has some boring scenes which tests your patience in the second half.

Result: A Good Bad Story