Goutham Nanda Review : Stylish Routine Story

Film: Goutham Nanda

Rating: 2/5

Director: Sampath Nandi

Cast: Gopichand, Hansika and Catherine Tresa

Producer: J Bhagavan and J Pulla Rao

Release Date: July 28, 2017 

Gopichand is back after a long gap of one and half year. His last outing “Soukhyam” was disaster at box office and another film “Oxygen” is still lying in the cans waiting for the release. In all this mess, ‘Goutham Nanda’ result would make a strong impact in Gopichand’s career. Let’s see whether this stylish commercial entertainer gives this “Macho Hero” much needed break.


Vishnu Prasad (Sachin Khedekar), owner of Ghattamaneni groups, wants his son Goutham Ghattamaneni (Gopichand) to take over his billion-dollar company. But, before that he asks Goutham to learn about the world. Goutham one day meets his doppelganger Nanda Kishore (Gopichand), who tries to commit suicide in front of Goutham's car because of his financial troubles.

Goutham and Nanda decide to swap their places for 30 days. Soon, Goutham faces multiple death threats. Who are his enemies? Why do they target Goutham? How does Goutham stop these attacks? Can he again swap places after 30 days? Is what the remaining story is about

What’s Good:

Production Values

Gopichand’s Makeover


What’s Bad:


Sentimental overdose


Routine story


Audience had been accustomed to watching stories of Hero playing dual role and swapping each other places from 1960’s “Ramudu Bheemudu”. There had been many movies which came with similar plot and “Goutham Nanda” is also one such film which revolves around same concept.

Director Sampath Nandi tried to highlight this old story with new presentation by making doppelganger as the villian, but instead of becoming interesting, it became tedious watch because of poor handling. The story revolves around the concept "Dhanam Mulam Idham Jagath". Except couple of twists and songs, the movie appears boring in most of the places. 

Lot of senseless and ridiculous scenes such as billionaire Goutham trying to commit suicide just because a pub waiter Tanikella Bharani asks him a simple question “do you know who you are?" Both the doppelgangers Goutham and Nanda have same injury mark on their face near eyebrow, c’mon Sampath atleast put some effort to make them believable. Why would you keep a documentary song on the life of slums? How does this documentary song add any value to your story? How can unemployed poor basthi guy Nanda Kishore wear Tommy Hilfiger shirts? When our Hero shouts, even buffalos stop eating grass and looks at our hero – This is not a comedy scene but happens in serious fight scene

Gopichand tried to do justice to his dual role by undergoing makeover to look both as stylish billionaire and also as bad guy with negative shades. Catherine Tresa entertained audience with her oomph factor in the glamorous role whereas Hansika Motwani did not impress in the de-glamourised role of Borabanda basthi girl Spoorthi.

Mukesh Rishi, Tanikella Bharani, Chalaki Chanty and Bithiri Sathi did their part without much impactVennela Kishore comedy was good as usual. Music and background score by Thaman is average. Editing by Goutham Raju is poor and lot of unnecessary scenes can be trimmed off. Production values are very good and cinematographer Soundararajan was effective in capturing that on the screen

In summary, Goutham Nanda's routine storyline, weak screenplay and age old sentiment scenes outweighed the positives of Gopichand’s performance that turned the movie into regular commercial outing with nothing new to offer.

Result: Stylish Routine Story