Gunturodu Review : Routine Commercial Film

Film: Gunturodu
Rating: 2.5/5
Director: S.K. Satya
Cast: Manchu Manoj, Pragya Jaiswal
Producer: Sree Varun Atluri
Release Date: Mar 03, 2017


Manchu Manoj, whose last two films Shourya and Attack did not perform well at box office came back with energetic avatar in Gunturodu. Let’s see how this movie unfolds


Khanna (Manoj), son of Rajendra Prasad lives in Guntur. He is always ready to fight injustice and in that process gets into wrong books of famous criminal lawyer Seshu (Sampath Raj), who is one of the influential person in the city and is known to be very egoistic

In order to take revenge on Khanna, Seshu gets Khanna arrested in a fake rape case and targets Khanna's Father. On the other side, Khanna falls in love with seshu’s sister Amrutha (Pragnya Jaiswal).

Rest of the story is about how a normal guy like Kanna fights with Seshu and ends up marrying Amrutha.

What’s Good:


What’s Bad:

Overweight Manoj
Routine Story
Heroine's Dubbing
Unlaughable comedy scenes


Gunturodu follows same old commercial formula of cat and rat game between hero and villain and how they try to outsmart each other. As a part of this template, it has fights, songs and hero heroine love track offering nothing new to the audience who had been accustomed to watching such stories. When all the older and younger heroes are working hard to be fit and in shape, Manoj is becoming overweight day by day, it’s high time for him to focus on his physique if he wants to continue in Hero roles.

Another major drawback is predictable screenplay and loud dialogues of manoj. When the story is pretty old and is shown many times on screen, it should be complimented with racy screenplay so that audience will not feel bored, but director did not put much effort on that area, which resulted in average film.

Result: Routine Commercial Film