Guru Review : A Winner All The Way

Film: Guru
Rating: 3/5
Director: Sudha Kongara
Cast: Venkatesh, Ritika Singh, Mumtaz Sorcar
Producer: S. Sashikanth
Release Date: Mar 31, 2017


Victory Venkatesh, whose last film “Babu Bangaram” did not perform well at box office came up in a new getup as an aggressive boxing coach in a sports drama “Guru”, which is remake of tamil hit film “Irudhi Suttru”. The film got delayed multiple times and has finally stepped into theaters after facing many obstacles. Let's find out how good this film has shaped up.


Aditya (Venkatesh), an uncompromising short-tempered boxer, is transferred to Visakhapatnam as the coach for Visakhapatnam boxing academy due to politics in boxing academy. In the Vizag slum, Aditya finds Rameshwari/Ramudu (Ritika Singh), a born champion girl who sells vegetables for a living. Aditya convinces her to take up boxing by paying her salary and brings her to boxing academy but things get complicated between them due to rigorous training regimen, sibling rivalry and professional conspiracies.

How Aditya turns things around and makes Ramudu into a Boxing champion, by overcoming all the problems forms the rest of the story

What’s Good:

Venkatesh & Ritika’s Performances

What’s Bad:

Lags in the second half
Cinematic liberties
Ritika’s Dubbing


Major highlight of the film is Venkatesh's touching performance as the aged coach. After the movie starts, his character takes us with him into the story. Ritika has excelled in her portrayal of the charcter Ramudu. Director Sudha Kongara focused her screenplay on these two main characters, who have shouldered the movie completely. The two characterizations have complemented each other and one can easily relate to the struggle between these characters.

The director took lot of care to make this narration gripping without losing the punch of the emotions from the original. Guru is definitely Venkatesh’s career best performance to date. Venkatesh has started a new trend by not focusing on routine commercial movies, and attempting only the kind of films an actor of his age should focus on.

Overall, Guru is a movie with a good content that will surely impress you with the performances, narration and technical elements and ends up as an entertaining watch. The collections at box office purely depends on how well the audience at B & C centers receive this film.

Result: A Winner All The Way