Inttelligent Movie Review: Uninttelligent

Film: Inttelligent

Rating: 1/5

Director: V V Vinayak

Cast: Sai Dharam Tej, Lavanya Tripathi

Producer: C Kalyan

Release Date: February 09, 2018

Sai Dharam Tej, in spite of receiving continues flops, have not mastered the art of selecting good scripts. He is still blindly trusting his directors thinking that their experience would make the movie super hit. Following the same lines, he had trusted VV Vinayak to bail him out of his flop streak. Let’s find out whether this film is as intelligent as its title.


Tej (Sai Dharam Tej) is a software engineer, who works in Nanda Kishore’s (Nasser) company. One day his MD Nanda Kishore suddenly commits suicide. Before committing suicide, Nanda Kishore sell’s off his software company. This act of Nanda Kishore raises suspicion in Tej and he eventually comes to know that Vicky bhai (Rahul Dev) was behind Nanda Kishore's death.

Can a normal software engineer like Tej take his revenge on a dreaded criminal like Vicky? How did Tej became Dharma Bhai? How does he solve all the problems through his intelligence and takes his vengeance on the killers? Is what the “Inttelligent” movie is all about.

What’s Good:


What’s Bad:



First, let’s start with the title – Inttelligent, the guy who suggested the title to this movie has very good sense of humor. Because this story is the exact opposite of being intelligent. VV Vinayak has delivered many duds in his film career, but this movie proudly stands tall among all those films and gives a new definition on “dud”. This movie gives never-ending agony to the audience who steps into the theater.

Before any film would go onto the sets, Hero should okay the script and give his green signal. So, the first audience for any film is the Hero himself. Why the hell did Sai Dharam Tej decide to do this film? Agree, he had a bad record of choosing worst scripts such as Thikka, but will he ever stop repeating his mistakes? He has been consistently delivering flop movies without rectifying his past blunders. In an earlier interview, VV Vinayak had revealed that he would retire from movies before he loses his form, after watching this movie, everyone would definitely remind him that his time as director has come to an end.

Movie starts on an interesting note with Tej's intro as a software engineer and gives us a feel that this is going to be nice action entertainer, but alas the graph of the story starts going south and tanks big time like our stock markets and never recovers again. Hero activates his GodMode and everything falls on his lap continuously without any struggle.

Lavanya Tripathi has nothing to do in this film. She comes in for the songs and disappears after it is done. Even in the songs, her dances are nothing to talk about. Since this is pakka commercial movie, hero character needs lot of padding, hence director brings in as many comedians as possible thinking that atleast they will make audience forget the shortcomings of this story. However, no one had been successful in bringing laughs, not even Brahmanandam.

In summary, you took an intelligent decision, if you have decided to not watch this film. Only watch this film, if you want to become film director and want to eagerly know how any director could completely mess up a film from start to end, despite having 16+ years of experience as a film director.

Result: Uninttelligent