Jai Lava Kusa Review : Jai’s Show

FilmJai Lava Kusa

Rating: 2.75/5

Director: Bobby

Cast:  Jr. NTR, Nivetha Thomas and Raashi Khanna

Producer: Kalyan Ram

Release Date: September 21, 2017 

Jr. NTR’s “Jai Lava Kusa” is finally hitting the theatres today in more than 2500 screens across the world. Tarak will be playing triple role for the first time in his career, which itself had created enormous buzz around this movie. While the trailers had impressed everyone, let’s find out how the movie turned out to be.


Jai, Lava and Kusa are triplets and gets separated in childhood due to a fire accident. Fast-forward three of them get settled in different professions. Kusa turns out to be thief, Lava becomes a bank manager in Needs bank and Jai turns out to be criminal Ravana Maharaj. Kusa meets Lava in a car accident and Lava shares his struggle as a innocent bank manager to Kusa, who then decides to swap places with Lava to convert his demonetized money into white money but lies to Lava saying that he will help him recover a loan of one crore.

While Lava tries to win the love of his life Priya (Raashi Khanna), Kusa tries to run away with a money of Rs 5 crore. Jai enters into the scene and kidnaps both his brothers Lava and Kusa. Why does Jai Kidnap his own brothers? What is the reason behind his violent behavior? What made Jai hate his brothers? Will he finally change his opinion on Lava and Kusa? Is what the remaining story is about

What’s Good:

Jai’s character

Kusa's comedy 

Swing Zara Song

What’s Bad:

First Half






First half goes with the childhood episodes of the three brothers Jai, Lava and Kusa, where the kids perform the stage shows. Jai, who has stuttering problem, is always given second grade treatment by his uncle Posani Krishna Murali. This makes him change his attitude toward society and his brothers. A fire accident separates the three brothers and later Kusa gets introduced as thief with Dochestha song. Later Lava is introduced and his love story with Raashi Khanna is brought into picture and goes on till Tring Tring song. After which the much awaited character “Jai” makes his entry and kidnaps his brothers, which marks the end of the first half

Second half goes on with Jai using his brothers Lava and Kusa to get him close to his love interest SImran (Niveda Thomas) as well as to fulfil his political ambitions. Swing Zara item song comes in between to enthrall mass audience. Finally, Lava and Kusa makes Jai realize the mistakes he had been doing and climax comes in with another twist.

The screenplay and direction are the biggest culprits in this movie. First half is pretty boring except couple of comedy scenes. Director Bobby, who got a golden opportunity after delivering disaster movie “Sardaar Gabbar Singh”, failed completely to utilize this lucky chance given by Jr.NTR. Nivetha Thomas and Raashi Khanna does not have any role to play in this movie other than to dance in songs. Devi Sri Prasad failed this time to add any value to this film through his music and BGM. There are many unconvincing scenes such as Lava and Kusa getting ready to die for the sake of Jai but leaving him alone while he was being attacked by goons does not look convincing.

Even though all the three characters are good, it is Jai who completely takes over the movie in second half with his intense body language and had mesmerized audience with dialogues. In Summary, Jai Lava Kusa’s predictable story and weak narration had played the spoilsport for this film. However, fans will definitely enjoy watching Jr. NTR in three getups 

Result: Jai’s Show