Jawaan Review : Predictable Soldier

 Film: Jawaan

Rating: 2.5/5

Director: B. V. S. Ravi

Cast:  Sai Dharam Tej, Mehreen Pirzada

Producer: Krishna, Dil Raju

Release Date: December 01, 2017

Sai Dharam Tej, after facing three flops in a row (Thikka, Winner, Nakshatram), is now coming back with patriotic action film “Jawaan”. This movie is being directed by B.V.S Ravi, who is directing a film after a long wait of six years. Ravi went into exile mode after the flop of his 2011 movie “Wanted” and Jawaan is his comeback film. Let’s see whether this film had stopped the flop spree of both director and the hero.


Jai (Sai Dharam Tej), is a patriotic citizen, who wants to work in Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Hyderabad. Keshava (Prasanna) tries to steal a powerful missile named ‘Octopus’ from Defence Research and Development Organization and sell it for Rs 500 crore to international mafia.

Jai tries to protect ‘Octopus’ missile from falling into the evil hands by countering the mind games of the Keshava. Knowing about Jai’s plan, Keshava targets Jai’s family and his girlfriend Bhargavi (Mehreen Kaur Pirzada).  How does Jai protect his family and ‘Octopus’ missile from Keshava? is the rest of the story.

What’s Good:

First Half

Background score

What’s Bad:

Second Half

Logic less scenes




There have been many movies in Tollywood which focused on the mind games between hero and villain. Jawaan is also one such movie where hero tries to win over the antagonist through the mind games and finally protects his family and country from the so called intelligent villain. There is neither freshness in the story nor in the screenplay. Director B.V.S Ravi had mixed lot of commercial elements into this patriotic story and made a mess out of it.

First half starts with showing Jai as RSS member and his patriotism for the country. Soon Prasanna and Subbaraju come into the picture and are shown accepting a 500 Crore deal for stealing country’s most powerful missile named ‘Octopus’ from DRDO. Now, being the hero of the film, Jai spoils the plan of Prasanna’s gang, who tries to steal ‘Octopus’ missile from the defense department, which brings us the interval. In the second half, Jai gets his dream job in DRDO and Prasanna starts targeting Jai and his family. Jai uses his highly intellectual brain to protect both his family and his company’s missile and brings story to climax.

Its high time for Sai Dharam Tej to start focusing more on the fresh stories rather than making some outdated commercial films as he had been doing from the last four films. Despite facing multiple flops, he is still going behind routine commercial films, which are neither entertaining nor bringing any money to the producers. Mehreen is perfectly dedicated only for the songs, she comes before the song starts and leaves after song completes and the placement of the songs are also completely inappropriate.

The movie is filled with many logic less scenes that hamper the flow of the story. One such example is that nation’s most powerful weapon being protected by a simple common man i.e. our hero. There are also many predictable scenes such as mind games between hero and stylish villain that had been shown in many movies. While watching any patriotic movie, audience should feel an emotional connect to the story. However, you will not find any such connection in this movie. There is nothing new in the story and you can easily guess what comes next. Finally, this movie also disappoints badly.

 Result: Predictable Soldier