Keshava Review : Trailer was Good

Film: Keshava
Rating: 2.5/5
Director: Sudheer Varma
Cast: Nikhil, Ritu Varma
Producer: Abhishek
Release Date: May 19, 2017


Nikhil Siddharth, who is known for picking different subjects and delivering hits, is back with another interesting revenge drama of protagonist with heart ailment. Sudheer Varma, who is down with a flop movie “Dochay”, collaborated with his lucky charm Nikhil again in this movie. Let’s find out whether their second collaboration turned out to be success or not.


Keshava (Nikhil Siddharth), a law college student, has only goal in his life i.e. to kill the people who were responsible for the death of his parents. He identifies all the five miscreants and starts killing them one by one. This serial killing attracts police attention and IPS officer Sharmila Mishra (Isha Koppikar) starts investigating these murders and suspects Keshava.

Will Keshava complete his killing spree without being caught? Forms the rest of the story.

What’s Good:

First Half


Comedy scenes

What’s Bad:

Second half

Predictable Screenplay




Sudheer Varma showcased Keshava very stylishly. Cinematographer Diwakar work is outstanding with wonderful visuals that carry the feel throughout the movie. The film is very engaging till interval but later it offers nothing interesting in terms of story as there is no suspense factor and it slowly falls into predictable flow that drags till climax.

There were many blunders in this movie. Police inspector sumo rams into hero father's Alto car. Hero, his father, mother and sister suffers heavy injuries but police guys in sumo will not have a single scratch on their body and Raja Ravindra calmly comes out of the sumo to tell a nice dialogue and leaves from that accident spot, as if policemen are super humans, who can never get injured in an accident. When the accident happens, the Sumo bonnet is damaged, but when the sumo is reversed, the bonnet immediately becomes perfect without any trace of accident like a transformer car.

During the fight scene with Raja Ravindra, when hero get exhausted and sits on the floor, the police inspector Raja Ravindra brings scissor to kill Hero. Really? Will police inspector get a gun or scissor in that situation? In another scene, hero’s face is shown in front of media as murderer, even before filling charge sheet and submitting him in court. Director had clearly missed out logic here; It’s a common practice to cover the suspect's face when presented before the media. This is to avoid the accused getting exposed to the public before the witnesses do his identification.

In another scene hero pours fuel on Brahmaji's car while he is driving and ignites it, when complete car is on fire, will anyone stop the car and get out of it or keep on driving as if nothing has happened? Only our director should tell the answer. Moreover, why the hell does actor Ajay always have a beard when acting in a police inspector role? He has done the same thing in earlier film Venkatapuram. Where did he see that higher police officials having a beard? Grow up Ajay, when acting for a character let it be realistic. Higher police officials are known for clean shave attire.

If the director would have given more importance to substance than style, this movie would have been reached places. Remember Meher Ramesh? who had always given importance to style rather than substance and see where is he now.

Nikhil Siddharth was good in his role with dark shades. Ritu Varma had nothing much to offer in this film apart from some comedy scenes. Isha Koppikar, who is coming back to Telugu industry after long time, had proved her talent once again with her good performance. Vennela Kishore provided much-needed comic relief in this otherwise serious revenge drama.

On the whole, Kesava is one time watch crime thriller which has engaging first half and stylish visuals. It’s better to come out of theater after the interval so that the feel of first half will not be lost. The highlight of the trailer which was protagonist having rare heart ailment was not focused more in the film and was just shown as a disclaimer. How he can stay clam in situations such as commiting murder and during confrontation scenes was not at all given any importance. In simple words, the movie is not as good as it was shown in trailer.

Result: Trailer was good