Nenorakam Review: Boring First Half,Ok Second Half

Film: Nenorakam
Rating: 2.25/5
Director: Sudharshan Salendra
Cast: Sairam Shankar, Sarath kumar, Reshmi Menon
Producer: Depa Shareekhanth
Release Date: Mar 17, 2017


Sairam Shankar who is struggling hard to get a hit movie in his career has come up with Nenorakam, which also has Tamil actor Sharath Kumar playing as antagonist. Let us see whether this movie gives him necessary break.


Gautam(Sairam Shakar), an orphan who works as a loan recovery agent in a finance company, falls in love with Swecha (Reshmi Menon) on first sight and tries to win her heart. When Sweccha is about to reciprocate her love for Gautham, She gets kidnapped. In the process of finding his girlfriend, Gautam is forced to commit lot of crimes

Who kidnapped Swecha? What is his motive? How did Gautham save Swecha? Forms the rest of the story

What’s Good:

Some Scenes in Second half
Sarath Kumar

What’s Bad:

First half
Forced comedy
Routine story


The first half of Nenorakam goes on with routine love track, silly comedy scenes of hero trying to impress heroine. Songs play spoilsport and irritates you. The film fails to create curiosity in the audience. There is nothing good to talk about anything before the interval block.

Second half is much better than first half after the entry of Sarath Kumar and is all about hero trying to save heroine from the villain. If director had spent more time on first time, it would have definitely elevated the feel of the movie.

The core premise of this movie was copied from English movie “12 Rounds”, where hero must accomplish challenges in order to save his girlfriend who is abducted by a villain.

Result: Boring First Half, Ok Second Half