Patel SIR Review : SIR Lost Respect

Film: Patel S.I.R

Rating: 2/5

Director: Vasu Parimi

Cast: Jagapati Babu, Padmapriya

Producer: Rajini Korrapati

Release Date: July 14, 2017 

Jagapathi Babu is playing the lead role in Patel S.I.R after a long gap. Even though he is having a successful career as villain, he still want to test the waters by playing the lead role in selective scripts that has potential to add value to his career. After “Varahi Chalana Chitram” came on board, the reach of this film was much increased. Let’s find out how good the film is.


Subhash Patel (Jagapathi Babu), a retired army officer, leads a content life with his family. Even though Subhash wants his son Vallabh Patel (Jagapathi Babu) to join army, his son becomes doctor. However, due to some incidents, his son, daughter-in-law (Padma Priya) and grandson are cruelly murdered by DR (Kabir Duhan Singh).

Why Subhash Patel family is targeted? How does 60-year-old retired army man take revenge on those who destroyed his family along with his granddaughter Yamini (Baby Doli) is what rest of the story is about.

What’s Good:

Jagapathi Babu

Baby Doli

What’s Bad:

First Half

Outdated story


Poor Production values



Patel SIR (Strictly Its Revenge) is a boring 80’s revenge drama in which Jagapathi Babu tried his best to pull off in the title role. In fact, it looks like this movie was just made to showcase the acting skills of Jagapathi Babu, who completely carries the film on his shoulders. However, the predictability and screenplay of the story spoils all the fun.

First-half starts with introduction of Kabir Duhan Singh, his drug mafia, and the killing rampage of Subash Patel and ends with the twist of revealing dual role of Jagapathi Babu. Second half starts with good family scenes with pleasant sentiments and emotions that gives you a good feeling.

Director Vasu took age old 80’s story but did not try to enhance it in any way. Instead of keeping the suspense element in this revenge drama, he just followed most beaten to death path leaving no surprise quotient at all. Only thing the director handled well was the emotional scenes in the second half.

Baby Doli acting skills were impressive and she has created a good impact on the story. Talented actress Padmapriya got a very short role while others such as Aamani, Kabir Duhan Singh, Prithvi, Prabhakar Reddy are all right. Tanya Hope who was supposed to play the role of investigative officer Katherine, instead oozes glamour. Subba Raju character gives the only twist in the story.

With good trailer and teasers, everyone taught this movie will do wonders but staying true to the movie’s tagline “Expect the Unexpected”, the movie turns out to be a dudAll in all, Patel S.I.R has nothing new to offer but can be watched only if you want to see Jagapathi Babu's acting skills

Result: SIR Lost Respect