Rogue Review : Old Wine in Old Bottle

Film: Rogue
Rating: 2/5

Director: Puri Jagannadh
Cast: Ishaan, Mannara Chopra, Angela Krislinzki
Producer: C.R.Manohar
Release Date: Mar 31, 2017


Puri Jagannadh, whose last three films had disappointed big time, is back with yet another youthful action thriller “Rogue”, introducing Ishaan. Does Rouge stop the flop show of Puri and showcase the capabilities of Ishaan as an actor? Let's find out the answer...


Chanti (Ishan) is a reckless youth who falls in love with Commissioner’s sister Anjali (Angela). Anjali betrays him and wants to get married to encounter specialist (Subbaraju) as she finds him better than chanti. However, she tells Chanti that her brother is forcing her to marry. Angry Chanti barges into the marriage hall to stop the marriage and gets shot by encounter specialist and in the tussle he accidentally makes a constable (Satya) paralyzed.

After returning from jail, looking at the constable's family situation, chanti decides to help the family and comes across constable’s sister, Anjali (Mannara Chopra). He rescues her from being attacked by a psycho (Anup Singh Thakur), who targets Anjali and starts following her. Rest of the story is about how Chanti saves Anjali from that psycho and wins his lover.

What’s Good:

Production values

What’s Bad:

Routine story
Second half
Logic Less scenes


Rogue is a below average movie with outdated screenplay. This movie just increases the filmography list of all the people involved, but there would be no significance of this movie in their career. Puri Jagannath who is suffering from a series of flops has not changed even a bit in terms of story, dialogues and screenplay.

Movie begins with love story between Ishaan and Angela and drags to the core with poor narration that neither entertains nor engages audience. Interval bang comes with the introduction of Psycho character. Second half is all about the routine story between hero and villain and how hero shows his dominance.

Debutante, Ishan looks confident but needs to focus on his acting skills, if he wants to have a long-term career in film industry. Mannara Chopra looks sensuous and is restricted to playing Ishan's sidekick. Thakur Anoop Singh, got another meaty role where he had shown his villainism perfectly. Cinematography by Mukesh was impressive and remain to be only highlight in the movie. If you are a wannabe cinematographer than maybe you can give a try to watch this film for visuals.

Result: Old Wine in Old Bottle