Shivalinga Review : Less Horror, More Suspense

Film: Sivalinga
Rating: 2.5/5
Director: P. Vasu
Cast: Raghava Lawrence, Rithika Singh
Producer: Ramesh P. Pillai
Release Date: Apr 14, 2017


Raghava Lawrence had come with another horror comedy film, Sivalinga, a remake of a Kannada film. Director Vasu, who tried to rope in Rajnikanth in this film and publicize this as sequel to Chandramukhi, could not get superstar’s nod. Finally, after lot of dilemma, Lawrence was taken on board to play the lead role. Let us find out whether this is an entertaining horror flick or not.


Sivalinga (Lawrence), a CB CID officer, is given with the responsibility of solving a murder mystery of cook Raheem (Sakthivel Vasu). In the meanwhile, Shivalinga marries Satya (Ritika Singh) and moves to new bungalow. There, Raheem’s spirit possesses Satya and it refuses to leave her until Shivalinga finds the murderer and punishes him.

Who murdered Raheem? What is Satya’s connection with Raheem? How does Sivalinga crack this case forms the rest of the story.

What’s Good:

Second Half



What’s Bad:

First Half

Comedy Scenes between Vadivelu and Lawrence

Horror scenes


First half goes on with a slow pace of establishing the character details of hero and heroine, things get interesting once the location shifts to an old bungalow. Second half gains momentum with the evil spirt inside Ritika and unraveling the suspense of murder mystery. Ritika Singh, who impressed audiences with her performance in Guru, had proved her performance in this film too.

Like his previous horror comedy films, Raghava Lawrence irritates you with his fear for ghost in this film too. The comic timing that Lawrence had with Kovai Sarala in Kanchana is completely missing in Sivalinga. Sakthivel had got good role after longtime in this film. Vadivelu also tried his best to make us laugh in regular intervals but failed many times. P. Vasu who is making a comeback after long time could not repeat his Chandramukhi magic in this film.

On the whole, ShivaLinga is more of suspense film than a horror film. Suspense elements and good performances of the characters are the major assets in this film. If you sleep off during the dull first half, ShivaLinga can be a watchable fare.

Result: Less Horror, More Suspense