Spyder Review: Spyder Bites the Dust


Rating: 2.5/5

Director: A.R. Murugadoss

Cast:  Mahesh Babu, Rakul Preet Singh

Producer: R.B Choudary

Release Date: September 27, 2017 

Mahesh Babu is back with his latest offering “Spyder” after disappointing his fans with “Brahmotsavam”. This is the first-time Mahesh is doing a bilingual film in Telugu and Tamil languages. Mahesh Babu will be seen in the role of Indian spy, who tries to track down a psycho killer. Let’s see how successful Mahesh Babu was in this new venture.


Shiva (Mahesh Babu), works for Intelligence bureau Hyderabad. He tries to track down antisocial activities through his software. One day, he comes across serial killings while tapping the phone and starts investigating that case. After going through the clues, his focus falls on a psycho named Bhairavudu (S. J. Surya)

Who is this Bhairavudu? What is his background? Why does he take the extreme step of carrying out murders? How will Shiva catch Bhairavudu and bring him to justice? Forms the rest of the story.

What’s Good:

First half



What’s Bad:

Second half

Nativity Issues

Lack of Twists


Director A.R Murugadoss’s decade-long wish to direct Mahesh Babu had been finally fulfilled with Spyder, however did he utilize Mahesh Babu completely and delivered a good movie? The answer is no. The first teaser evoked lot of curiosity among the audience on how this spy thriller is going to mesmerize them, but with routine and regular story that was shown in the theaters had poured cold water on the audience hopes.

Mahesh Babu tried his best to excel in the role of a spy, however he could not save the movie in second half. Rakul Preet Singh is only used for songs and couple of comedy scenes. S.J Suryah impressed with his psychotic attitude and overshadowed Mahesh Babu at many places. Hero Bharat was present just to misguide the story. Priyadarshi and RJ Balaji got small roles as Mahesh colleagues at intelligence bureau. Santosh Sivan cinematography especially during songs picturization and Harris Jayaraj’s background score turned out to be major plus for this film.

Murugadoss completely failed both as director and writer for this film. The story and narration does not have any merit at all. Mahesh helps all people who say HELP on their mobile phone, even if Rakul asks for a sex with blind date on her phone, Mahesh steps in and tries to unconditionally help her. Mahesh using five housewives to catch psycho Bhairavudu by making those women climb houses and buildings like Tom Cruise in Mission impossible shows director’s brilliance. Poor vfx in Hospital collapse scene, Rolling rock scene and Roller coaster scenes make the movie look like an shady 90's video game. When something as big as hospital is getting destroyed, hero telling to police that he is going to take care of it single-handedly, comes as director’s final masterstroke.

Even though first half was better with good screenplay that unfolded the main premise in an interesting way, second half had completely let down with monotonous and uninteresting narration. Director Murugadoss, who is very successful in Kollywood, is not able to deliver successful movies in Tollywood. He could not make use of two golden opportunities that were bestowed upon him by two Tollywood top stars, Chiranjeevi in 2006 film Stalin and now with Mahesh Babu in 2017 film Spyder.

Result: Spyder Bites the Dust