Touch Chesi Chudu Review: Don’t Dare To Touch

Film: Touch Chesi Chudu

Rating: 1.75/5

Director: Vikram Sirikonda

Cast: Ravi Teja, Raashi Khanna

Producer: Nallamalapu Srinivas (Bujji)

Release Date: February 02, 2018

Ravi Teja’s failure streak was paused with his last film “Raja The Great”, now the actor is striving for continuing his successful run with yet another commercial entertainer, “Touch Chesi Chudu”, where he is again seen in police officer getup. This film is directed by debutant director Vikram Sirikonda. Let's check out what this film is all about.


Karthikeya (Ravi Teja), owner of Karthikeya Group of Industries in Pondicherry, leads a happy life with his perfect family. He meets Pushpa (Raashi Khanna) and falls in love with her. One day, his sister witnesses the murder of a social activist by a dreaded criminal called Irfan Lala (Freddy Daruwala), who was the reason behind Karthikeya quitting his police job in Andhra Pradesh and settling down in Pondicherry.

All hell breaks loose, when Karthikeya finds out that Irfan Lala is still alive. What was the dreaded past of this calm and cool Karthikeya? Why did Irfan act as dead? How did the rivalry between Irfan and Karthikeya happen in first place? Does Karthikeya eliminate his foe this time? is the crux of the story.

What’s Good:

Ravi Teja

Few comedy scenes in first half

What’s Bad:

Second half



Logicless scenes 


Touch Chesi Chudu got nice publicity before its release date especially due to the super hit “Pushpa” song. The actor and director had assured everyone that this movie will become first commercial super hit film of 2018. However, after the release, this film turned out to be exact opposite because of its uninteresting screenplay and beaten to death storyline.

First half goes on with Raviteja's comedy and romance track between Ravi Teja and Raashi. Even though story drags in many places, comedy scenes try to cover those loopholes. Soon the romantic track comes to an end, and Raviteja sees Irrfan, who is connected to his past life. Things gets serious in second half where Raviteja’s past as hot headed police officer is brought into picture. Soon Seerat Kapoor is also brought in and differences between them pop up, which eventually leads to their breakup. Next, the film drags itself to the climax, which is another poorly conceived ending by converting serious police officer into a joker.

“Hero (with a powerful past) goes into exile and leads a happy normal life by avoiding his past at all costs. However, he eventually gets pulled back into his old life when one of the character from his past appears in his new life” - This story had been known to Telugu audience 23 years back through the movie Baashha. It’s shameful to see that even the new age directors are relying on such hackneyed stories even in 2018.

Debutant director Vikram Sirikonda could neither make the story appealing nor interesting to the audience. How did Ravi Teja okayed this most boring story ever written by Vakkantam Vamsi is a million-dollar question. But on the bright side, this story will definitely help audience to fall asleep quickly, so in a way it should be shown to people with sleeping disorders.

 Result: Don’t Dare To Touch