Ungarala Rambabu Review: Talanopi Ra Babu

Film: Ungarala Rambabu

Rating: 1/5

Director: Kranthi Madhav

Cast:  Sunil, Miya Goerge

Producer: Parachuri Kireeti

Release Date: September 15, 2017 

"Ungarala Rambabu" turned out to be most crucial film in Sunil’s career. After delivering fours disaster movies continuously, this movie’s result would decide Sunil’s future as Hero in Tollywood. This time, Sunil had placed his bets on intellectual Director Kranthi Madhav, who is known for directing thought-provoking movies such as "Onamalu" and "Malli Malli idi Rani Roju" that has inherent message within. Let’s see how this movie turned out to be.


Rambabu (Sunil) is a rich guy, who loses all his money due to the bad loans taken by his grandfather. He meets Badam Baba (Posani Krishna Murali), who asks him to plant an Almond (badam) plant in a barren land where he finds gold biscuits worth Rs 200 cr. Using that money, Rambabu starts a travel company.

However, after some time, Rambabu’s business starts incurring loss. Again based on Badam Baba’s advice, he tries to marry a Kerala girl Savitri (Miya Goerge) from his office. But, Savitri does not want to marry without her dad’s (Ranga Nayyar) approval. Ranga Nayar (Prakash Raj) is a communist leader in Kochi, who does not like rich people. How does Rambabu impresses Nayar and win his love? forms the rest of the story.

What’s Good:


What’s Bad:



Even though there were not many expectations on Sunil, owing to the flop result of his past four films, audience would definitely expect some kind of sensibility from director Kranthi Madhav. But, once the movie starts, illogical and silly scenes completely take the fun away. Instead of playing the role of stress buster, this movie turns out to be stressful experience for all the people who paid money to watch this film.

Whenever an actor faces continuous flops, they try to do a reality check on what went wrong and will try to correct those shortcomings in their upcoming movies, but in the case of Sunil, instead of learning from his past failures, he keep on repeating same mistakes again and again. Although director’s Kranthi Madhav main point was to focus on communism and humanism, he tried to mix those points with many illogical and silly scenes that had made this movie into worthless watch.

First half of the film starts Dil Raju's voice-over narrating the story of Rambabu’s Riches-To-Rags story and later our silly Baba comes into picture and makes Rambabu unearth the gold with a Badam plant that makes him rich. Again Rambabu starts loosing his money and baba asks him to marry a women in his office who is from chikubuku nakshatram to come out of this problem.

Second half goes on with Rambabu convincing his girlfriend's communist father, where the director brought three new characters Vennela Kishore, Rajeev Kanakala and Ashish Vidyarthi. All these episodes are neither shown in entertaining way nor in logical way, which makes you think why the hell are you paying money and wasting your time to watch this meaningless movie.

Finally, when lot of brilliant directors are struggling to get producers to make a film with them in spite of having good story, directors such as Kranthi Madhav, who have the privilege of having producer believing in them, delivering such poor third grade movies is totally unacceptable.

Result: Talanopi Ra Babu