Venkatapuram Review: Thriller which isn’t thrilling

Film: Venkatapuram
Rating: 2/5
Director: Venu Madikanti
Cast: Rahul, Mahima
Producer: Tumu Phani Kumar, Shreyas Srinivas
Release Date: May 12, 2017


Rahul, known for his character “Tyson” in Happy Days, woke up after tasting series of flops and worked hard to turn tables with this suspense thriller ‘Venkatapuram’. Lets check out whether he bounced back with this flick.


Anand (Rahul), a pizza delivery guy and Chaitra (Mahima Makhwana), a college student, live in Sai Krupa apartments in Vizag and fall in love with each other. Chaitra along with her two friends Ritika & Rekha go to the Bheemili Beach to smoke where they are attacked by a rowdy gang. Chaitra escapes from them and narrates the incident to Anand as her bag with passport and hall ticket is left with goons.

Anand goes to the beach with machete to kill the rowdy gang but gets caught by police. Meanwhile Chaitra is also taken to police station and is raped by Venkatapuram police. Rest of the story is about how Anand takes law into his hands and takes revenge.

What’s Good:

Second Half



What’s Bad:

First Half

Hero Heroine Love Track




The movie starts on a right note with a couple being attacked on the Bheemili beach by three goons and hero takes a machete and goes to that spot and later booked on a murder case by Venkatapuram police, there hero narrates his story in flashback to the fellow criminal, but the director could not handle well the events and justification later the scenes required. The editing in first half goes for a toss with lot many unwanted scenes that tests your patience. The interval ends with good bang and second half unravels the actual story and the relation between hero and the police station “Venkatapuram" and how hero comes in terms with his revenge.

The inexperience of the director Venu Madikanti is seen in many places throughout out the film as he could not connect the loose ends aptly. Except the introduction, climax and couple of other scenes, there is nothing good to talk about the movie. The main suspense of the movie is hero is shown killing someone with his machete on the beach but that scene is shown unconvincingly. How can someone kill with a knife, eyes closed? And also when Venkatapuram police wants to kill the girl, will they do it discretely or will they go on with the full siren sound telling everyone about their plan? Why hero takes a drastic step to kill the goons? when all he can do is beat them and get the bag? No justification. Director who had started off with good premise could not carry the story with same momentum. The characters performance would not let you believe in them but instead question them.

Rahul tried his best to fit into this intense role, but at times goes overboard. He had opted for dubbing voice instead of his own voice. Mahima is a complete mistfit for this role, she looked more like an child artist instead of heroine. Her character does not make any sense, she was shown as a studious girl who cannot study if there is no terrace, but then gets addicted to smoking and later asks our hero to be her boyfriend for one day since she got bored of studies.

Ajay Ghosh as cunning Venkatapuram police officer Durga Prasad is remarkable. Music by Achu is good in parts and pieces. Actor Ajay who comes to solve the murder mystery of Venkatapuram police personnel could not perform to his best capacity. First thing for the director to remember is police officers do not have beards and uneven hair, the department is known for its attire of clean shave and haircuts no matter how bad a person they are. Ajay completely fails here. He is supposedly look like a ACP but rather looks like a rowdy in his attire. All these things may look simple but adds to the believability of the story and elevates the film.

Eventhough the director should be applauded for choosing a different subject instead of routine commercial story but this kind of movies heavily banks up on the tight gripping screenplay and believability, which are clearly missing in the film.

Result: Thriller which isn’t thrilling