2 Out Of 12 Drug Accused Will Be Arrested

After interrogating 12 Tollywood celebrities, SIT (Special investigation Team) is now getting ready to arrest two individuals out of those 12 suspected celebrities. The clues team have gone through the 70 hours of video recording which was captured during the investigating process to uncover the truth in their declarations. They are now collaborating all the evidences gathered so far along with the witness statement to make it a strong case.

As per the buzz, the people who were summoned to attend the investigation had revealed lot of other celebrity names, which were not under SIT list till date. Out of all such revealed names, 2 names had been common across all the disclosures. It is heard that, these two-Tollywood individuals are not only heavy drug users but also used to supply drugs to their near and dear.

Since this is a high profile case, officials are working hard to make their case strong enough so that no loopholes are left behind. Other than these two individuals, Excise department is also planning to get court’s order to collect the nail, hair and urine samples of the celebrities who had refused to give them voluntarily. Meanwhile, the samples that were given voluntarily by the individuals had been sent to forensic laboratories for identification of drug traces.