All TFI Drug Addicts Are Innocent !

When people say that Tollywood actors does not have unity, then they are completely wrong. Yesterday’s incident shows us how united our Tollywood actors and technicians are. Leaving all their egos and personal agendas aside, everyone who had received the summons on Drugs usage from Excise Department have released same statement unanimously saying “I am Innocent and I had been Framed”

The drug raids in Hyderabad by Special Task Force of Prohibition & Excise Department have sent shivers to the Tollywood film fraternity. After the names of these drug addicts and drug peddlers started coming up, everyone started acting innocent and released statements saying how pure they are and they didn’t even know how these drugs look like and the only drug they took was Crocin & Paracetamol

Some actors event went ahead and said that they are pure vegetarian and do not take drugs. Police officials started laughing by listening to these actors statements as they are accustomed to hearing all these non-sense, whenever they arrest criminals. No suspect would ever agree that they had made a mistake. But, after starting the conversation with “I am Innocent” slowly these suspects starts singing and spit out the actual truth after hardcore investigation starts.

However, with these high profile actors, who have good reach to the politicians and bureaucrats in the state, police hands may be tied off due to pressure from the top ladder. It is heard that the officers will most probably be giving strict warning to these drug addicts on their addiction and release them with counseling. Need to see whether such soft counseling will bring any change for these drug addicts.