Allu Arjun Is Better Actor Than Suriya

While everyone is debating about actors paying huge amounts and buying the awards, there is another interesting discussion going around the film circles i.e. Allu Arjun is better actor than Suriya. This may look shocking and you may think who certified this? The answer is Filmfare Awards.

Suriya only won four Filmfare awards till date. In his career, he won Best Supporting actor once (2003), Best actor Filmfare award twice (2004, 2008) and Critics Best Actor award once (2017). Whereas Allu Arjun won five Filmfare awards till date. He won Best actor Filmfare award thrice (2009, 2011, 2015), Best Supporting actor once (2016) and Critics Best Actor award once (2017).

It took nine years for Suriya to again win best Filmfare award in his career, his last Filmfare award was received for his 2008 film Vaaranam Aayiram and after nine years, he had received Critics Best Actor award in 2017, while our bunny had been continuously winning Filmfare award from past three years, without fail. Even while receiving the Filmfare award this time, Allu Arjun mockingly said that he wants to win Filmfare award for best debutante as well.