Allu Arjun's Car Met With Accident

It is reported that Allu Arjun’s car had met with an accident on saturday night in Jubilee hills. The accident took place when a cab driver was reversing his cab without noticing Allu Arjun’s car. This lead to altercation between both the parties.

Allu Arjun’s driver was angry looking at the damage, took the keys of the cab driver, and asked him to pay twenty thousand rupees for the damage. The cab driver, who didn’t have so much money, had left the cab at Allu Arjun’s residence and told that he will try to get the money from his friends.

Not able to borrow the money from anywhere, cab driver pleaded them to give back his car as he cannot give so much money and he will lose his daily wage without the cab. Allu Arjun’s driver did not repent and demanded money. With no other choice left, the cab driver went to Jubilee hills police station and reported the incident.

The police called the two parties and settled the case. People who had watched this incident are angry on the actor saying that it is not good to torture poor people just because you have muscle power. They are questioning the actor saying, why can’t he claim the car insurance and get the car repaired? How poor will actor become if he pays from his pocket? If he is so concerned about his car, why should he bring his costliest car on the road, instead he should park it safely at his home.