Allu Arjun's Punch To Mega Family

Alllu Arjun revealed that he did not invite Chiranjeevi to the audio launch event of Duvvada Jagannadham. He added that he did not invite anyone outsiders except DJ team. Arjun also shared that he is not interested in remixing megastar old songs like Ram Charan, “I want audience to like me for my own style of acting and dances. Which is why I am not doing remixes”

Well these statements of Allu Arjun are not going well with mega fans. They are questioning Allu Arjun saying, “If you didn’t invite anyone outsiders except DJ team, then why did Allu Arvind, your wife and your son came to the audio launch event? They are not part of DJ team but they came to event because they are your family members, then why not chiranjeevi, is he not your family member?”

“Earlier you had distanced yourself from Pawan Kalyan after getting hit movies and now you are trying to distance yourself from mega family, well your aspirations of coming out of mega compound is good, but don’t change sides by demeaning mega heroes. Remix of songs is personal choice of Ram Charan and he had done that to make us fans happy, there is nothing wrong in it, but it does not mean he does not have his own style of acting”. Hope Allu Arjun clarifies his statement before the damage is done.