Allu Arjun's Rod To Varun Tej

Srinu Vaitla first narrated the script of 'Mister' to Allu Arjun. After the narration, Allu Arjun did not like the story but suggested Varun Tej’s name to Sreenu Vaitla.  Soon the director approached Varun and told him that even Allu Arjun feels that the story suits him perfectly and convinced Varun to sign up the project. Varun Okayed the script thinking this film will bring him much needed break but the results came as opposite.

This is not the first time Varun had accepted the flop scripts which another hero had rejected. Earlier Nithin was supposed to do 'Loafer' but he later rejected it and again Varun Tej took it up on his shoulders and tasted big flop.

It is time for Varun Tej to do little bit of introspection on whether the story narrated by the director is good enough to entertain audience or the director is taking him for a ride, as he is not able to get the dates of big stars.