Anyone Interested in Buying Brahmotsavam?

Brahmotsavam, which was released on May 20, 2016 had been a major disaster in Mahesh Babu’s career, is still haunting the people involved in that movie’s business. Latest victim of this movie is Zee Tv.

Zee network acquired the satellite rights of Brahmotsavam for 10 crores and thought it would fetch good TRP ratings for the channel. Even after Brahmotsavam tanked at box office, Zee didn’t lose hopes because Mahesh Babu’s  earlier films “'Athadu” and “Khaleja” which didn’t do well at box office still managed to get good TRP ratings when aired in TV and ended as profitable venture for the TV channels.

But all their predictions were wrong this time as neither the TRP ratings had shown any improvement even after airing the movie multiple times nor any advertisers are willing to buy the ad slots between this movie. The family entertainer that was released amidst huge publicity did not pull up the audience to the TV sets.

Now, vexed up with the TRP ratings and to at-least recover the publicity costs, Zee network is trying hard to get rid of the satellite rights of this movie. However, it is heard that no takers are even coming forward to buy the TV rights of this movie even at marginal price offered.